Issue 1 is Posted

Issue 1 of Sanity not Guaranteed is finally available for download over here.  We’re a month late, and we’re sorry about that.  It’s been a crazy month with me re-moving 6,000 miles, a new job, and the rest of a sob story you don’t want. You just want the poems.  We know you, and we’re glad we can finally say they’re here.

We are back on schedule for Issue 2 now, aiming for a January 1, 2014 release.


Issue 1 and Beyond

Submissions for Issue #1 are now officially closed.  Selections have been made, and the soul-crushingly best have been notified.  We’ll be looking to finalize everything and make it available as soon as possible.

This means that submissions for Issue #2 are now open.  Head on over there and show us what you’ve got.

About Submission Guidelines

The submissions are rolling in, and some of them have been pretty good.  We’ll be sending out our first responses in a couple weeks.  Everything thing is getting two readings by each of us, so we can be sure to pick the right pieces for the launch issue.

Be sure to read the Submission Guidelines before submitting.  There are instructions there.  If you follow them, our super-high tech email filters flag your submission and move it into our reading inboxes.  When you don’t follow them, it doesn’t get flagged and it languishes in my general inbox which is filled with a hundred unrelated emails per day.  It may get buried there.  We don’t want that.  So read the guidelines.  Learn the guidelines.  Love the guidelines.  They are your friends.