Submissions are currently open for Issue #2.  Read the rest of the guidelines before submitting.  Submit to  We publish on a quarterly basis.

  • We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your piece has been accepted elsewhere so that we can remove it from consideration.
  • We accept reprints if it has been more than a year since the piece was first published.  Please indicate if a piece is a reprint and where/when it was previously published.
  • Please allow up to 60 days for response.  If we take longer than that, smack us upside the head with a query.
  • Report your submissions and rejections or acceptances to Duotrope’s Digest, if you are a subscriber.
  • By submitting you agree that we may publish your work in our electronic and print editions of the issue your piece appears in (one-time rights).  All other rights are retained by the author. 
  • At present we have no money to pay contributors unless you accept monopoly money.  Even then, supplies are limited.


We are looking for fiction that cuts to the heart of the holes we are built out of.  Give us something that kicks us in the nads, grabs us by the throat, and makes us listen.  Anything less belongs in your circular file, not ours.  Submit one fiction piece of less than 2000 words as a DOC attachment with a subject line that reads “Fiction Submission / Author’s Name”.  Include a brief author bio.  Make your bio interesting.  If we just wanted a list of publications, we’d Google you (we might do that anyway if your piece is good enough).


We want poetry crafted from the emotions that would fill the holes we are made of.  If it doesn’t make our emphysemic souls whistle, we won’t have it.  Submit 3-5 poems in the body of your email with a subject line that reads “Poetry Submission / Author’s Name”.  Include an brief, interesting author bio.  Show us something real, don’t just list publications.


We’re looking for reviews of small-press or self-published literary fiction and poetry.  If you are interested in writing a review, or have a work that you would like to see reviewed, send us a query letter.  We are also interested in interviews with authors we like.